Its realy about hope


We are almost to thanksgiving and i am sure you will see many variations of what your friends and family are thankful for. As for me i am thankful to be alive, i realize that sounds like a phoned in awnser to a question you didn’t even ask.  The thing is i have not always felt this way, and my ability to see past the crap and have a new hope for future days leaves me feeling grateful. To be happy to be alive may seem like setting the bar pretty low, but to be honest sometimes things suck and the choice to believe the world is worth sticking around for is the bravest choice to make. So this thanksgiving i will look around at my lovely family and feel truly lucky to have made it past obstacles and stuck thru long enough to get to the other side. I am thankful for the life i have that says this is worth fighting for and no matter the bad THIS is a life to be thankful for. This is a life about hope.

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