Want to see pictures of my booty?


My husband and i have cycled thru a very large list of hobbies thru the years. Our most recent venture is the purchase and usage of a metal detector. Growing up i remember my step dad waving his detector along the ground and finding…. Well im not really sure what he found to be honest because i lost interest and wandered away.  Turns out metal detecting is a lot of wandering and waving, digging and finding … Trash.  Surprisingly enough its still fun, outdoors quietly being together slowly turning our property into a people sized revenge of the moles. luckily  our grass in not of such a quality that we mind carving up huge divots. When the detector arrived we had been watching YouTube videos of amazing finds for days. Would we find musket balls, old coins, a civil war era belt buckle, or perhaps an antique gold locket with a faded photo? I’m pretty sure i was the only one thinking in these terms, i still am thinking this way to be honest. I am not thinking in terms of wealth but perhaps some historical tidbit a connection to the past buried or dropped and long forgotten. I’m not a pirate and my booty may be rusty but its mine and like it. I love to learn new things and a hobby is an excellent way to do so. What new hobbies are you thinking of exploring?

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