Accidental carnage


I consider my self a gentle person. I have never purposely killed any thing larger than a spider.  On Thursday on my way to work a deer suddenly and out of nowhere ran in front of me. Only one of us survived and deer dont blog so i guess you know who. I have in the past wrote of my unintended vendetta against Mother Nature.  I do know that in this case both of us were surprised at the event. I was very lucky actually   walking away with no injuries, and only damage that can be easily fixed. In a poof of fur and out of nowhere i ended a life. Shaken i slowed down flipped a uturn and headed back home.  Slowing down to assure myself i was not leaving the animal suffering.  I cringed as i passed motorist and people on the street certain there was a grisly sight hanging from my bumper, perhaps a leg or worse. I pulled all the way up to the garage so as not to let the kidlets see the physical embody ment of mommies Bambi re-enactment.  In truth it wasnt as bad as i thought some fur and damage ( did you know they sell bumpers on amazon you really can get anything there). After some elbow grease on the hubby’s part im back up and running.  I felt bad for the deer, but you know what someone came and took that deer.

Yep thats pieces of my car but alas no deer .

So at least it was not wasted. Funny i did on accident something many spend much time and money trying for, but i promise no more road hunting for me.

2 thoughts on “Accidental carnage

  1. Deer are so plentiful here in northern Virginia, that it is just a matter of time before you hit one of them. Their only “natural predator” seems to have four wheels.

  2. Poor deer. I have hit a deer twice with a car. It’s sad. I’ve also had one almost total my car…but he got up and walked away after. But it’s the cheapest way to get meat. Lol. I’m just kidding.

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