How black is your Friday ?


So here’s the thing there is a lot of grumbling about people having to work on thanksgiving due to the Black Friday sales actually starting on Thursday. Yes it sucks to work any holiday, I worked retail for many years I worked almost every holiday including thanksgiving. No one got up in arms for me. Following is a short list off the top of my head of people who will be working this holiday. ( this list is by no means in order)

  • Military
  • medical workers  ( doctors, nurses, emt)
  • grocery store workers
  • travel associated workers ( bus, airlines, taxi ect.)
  • police and emergency workers

Now i know you may say these people knew the schedule difficulties going in, Absolutely true.  Perhaps just something to think about. I have taken part in Black Friday from both sides of the register, i have always enjoyed the rush of the hunt. It is the one exception once a year when i break free of my quirks face the crowds and i have always been pleasantly surprised by my fellow-man. Never have i seen people trampled or even intentionally shoved . I have seen people helping others, spontaneous christmas  caroling, and church groups passing out free coco and coffee to hundreds of  cold line waiters.  I do find it a shame that Black Friday is now on Thursday, i do not know if i will be partaking.  As far as Fridays go we do know Black Friday is surely the biggest, and don’t get me started on cyber monday the end result may be the same but it always leaves me feeling less than satisfied.

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