Mind dump


So i have been struggling lately on writing a post. My mind has been empty. completely and totally void of ideas. But here’s the thing there Is a lot going on in my life right now so i know the seemingly empty ness off my mind is because i have locked down compartmentalized and hidden away anything which may cause a crack in the facade .  I do this with out conscious effort and normally to horrible results.  I’m working on it, i have not forgotten you my faithful followers.  Thank you for supporting my writing with thoughts and words of encouragement.  I will leave you with this story .

My husband: did you cook an extra potato ( upon finding a baked potato in the microwave hours after dinner)

me: yah but im sure it’s still good

husband : i didn’t say it had gone bad

me : mental image of a baked potato holding up a convenience  store with a hooker on its arm

me: laughing uncontrolably

my husband: ok then

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