Apples to apples, sauce to sauce..


Harvest time has come and gone. We  are still in the prep process for the orchard so no trees there, however we have one lovely old gala tree all overgrown and the source of our inspiration. Every spring we debate about spraying for apple eating critters, we have always erred on the side of  natural, healthy,  ( lazy) pesticide free fruit. Every fall we say next year we will spray, maybe. It’s nice to pick an apple polish it on your shirt and hand it to a waiting child with no fear of contamination.  I have been researching something called permaculture, a kinda circle of life approach to pest control.  Once the apples are picked the real work begins, peeling, coring, slicing.

image Grandmas canning jars awww

Apple butter, apple pie filling, apple sauce ( did anyone else read that in the bubba gump voice in their head?  No? Hmm )  i freeze the pie filling and honest to god can the sauce.


I know these days more and more people are learning these basic skills all of our grandmothers knew, but i am always so pleasantly pleased when they come out of the boiling water all steaming and shiny and make that popping noise that lets me know i didn’t screw it up Yay!


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