The air is thin when you take the high road




I was kinda dreading going to work yesterday morning because as of  friday one of my coworkers had decided that i was persona non grata. The following is a brief summery of the texts i sent to my sweetie on monday.

  • I am getting the silent treatment, havent had that since grade school
  • I am being the bigger person
  • petulant children
  • she would be more productive if everyone was getting the silent treatment
  • Ok now i am getting aggravated
  • high road abandoned now im having fun
  • every time i say i like a song she changes the radio now i am saying i like every song after five changes she gave up tee hee
  • It’s actually pretty fun to talk to some one giving you the silent treatment its like talking to yourself but with the added benefit of driving someone crazy

apparently  my tactics worked as of today i am no longer benefiting from the icy silence, now i am wondering why it bugged me at all after all  ” silence is golden”.  I do find it a bit off-putting however that since i started working out side the home and am no longer a stay at home mom i am the beneficiary  of more childish behavior than i ever received from my  children.

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