A decided lack of dangly bits….

The short people  who live with us have not always had a good track record for shutting the gate. Years ago the family was sitting around the table on a lazy sunday morning eating pancakes when we spot our lab in the front yard out again for the second time that week. I jumped up ran outside and started calling him, he reacted as usual by running down the street peeing on lawns and sniffing all the smells. Inside i run grabbing flops, a pancake and keys intent on retrieving our retriever. My head hanging out the window yelling disrupting the quiet weekend morning TROOPER!  tROoooooopEr!


While under my breath damn dog , stupid dog,  and then there he is making good time happy as can be. i pull to the side fling open my door and call him standing there in my p.j.’s  waveing a pancake here boy yummy yummy…. And then he jumped! He jumped down a seven-foot concrete drainage ditch , a jump i knew his old man bones couldn’t make. I ran to the side expecting the worst but the dog was just fine , it also wasnt my dog it was a little GIRL lab with the exact same collar and a look theat said why are you chasing me crazy lady. I quietly got back in my car ( nothing to see here just trying to lure unsuspecting dogs to my car with the promise of treats )headed home  walked thru the door looked out the back window and  there was MY dog safe and sound. Leaving me feeling grateful and like a complete idiot, yep sounds about right.


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