Letters R and S

Its been so busy lately and no end is in sight, makes me think of  childhood vs. grownup ….



Todays post is brought to you by the letters R and S

when i was child i relaxed by ….

  •  Running
  •  Reading
  • Realy long talks with my friends

And now as an adult i relax by….

  • Sleep
  • Sex with my husband (just to be clear and to make sure i am not coming off promiscuous to any weirdies )
  • Sooo many margaritas
  • Snuggleing
  • Stalking social media ( although to be honest this is not as relaxing as one might hope, see my post about Facebook for more on that)

Funny enough as an adult the thing i find most relaxing is my children, children are so honest about everything  from their ” compliments” i.e. ” your smarter than i thought mom”  to their love freely given. And as an adult i still love to read but its less escapism and more just enjoyment.

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