All is fair…

It’s the time of year when the milo is turning a lovely copper color, the days are getting cooler and the state fair is going down. I love going to the fair, i have never been to fairs from other states but the Kansas fair is a delightful Hodge podge of our rural agrarian roots and the seizure inducing blast of lights and sounds peppered with the latest deep-fried nonsense that one must try. We treat the fair as a kind of all-inclusive petting zoo, there is of course the actual petting zoo this year featuring a porcupine, zebras,  a zedonk ( honestly i think a fence broke and some one got frisky  who the hell has heard of  a zadonk ?) and an army of  shirt eating goats.


Then we moved on to the cow exhibits , lamas, bunnies, chickens, geese, turkey’s. Ect. After touching every living creature we possibly can ( and a funny moment when my youngest unknowingly  pet someones jacket by mistake ” sorry lady with the furry coat 😳”) , onward to see giant pumpkins, and other mutant veggies grown to the size of small children.


Meandering thru booths collecting free pencils and pens, pamphlets and various  junk all on the way to the holy grail of the Kansas state fair the BUTTER SCULPTURE,  that’s right a life-sized sculpture of a different thing each year made of butter… What will it be? what will it be?…  ( spoiler alert) Well this year it was a grandma on a pogo stick being cheered on by little kids.  Now night has fallen and the lights of the midway are calling, so much fun and adrenalin.


We wait in line and nearby a  mother discovers her child is missing , i clutch my children a little tighter  the police are  there my eyes search the crowds for the child i heard her describe  and then the little girl is found and i tear up right there on the midway and say a silent thank you that this was not a tragedy . Onward to games with stuffed animal prizes  and there up ahead Mecca …deep-fried cheese curds. Perfect end to a wonderful day, let’s drag our weary selves to the car.

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