Pumpkin spice is in the sheets…

I am feeling a bit better and am sitting on my porch soaking in some lovely false fall. I say false because this is Kansas and i am sure we will be hitting close to 100 a time or two before real fall gets here. Once or twice a week (depending on my will power and my faith i will be winning the lottery soon) i stop in the Starbucks drive thru on my way to work. Last week as my faithful little vehicle made the turn into the drive thru almost by itself i blearily look at the board, something i don’t normally do as i have ordered the same thing from Starbucks for the last six years ” venti vanilla late with an extra shot of espresso” ( side note i realise it already comes with two shots that’s why i said EXTRA shot don’t judge me barista just do it thank you)  but on this particular morning i see pumpkin scone yay! Small moment of panic when she says we don’t have them yet… Wait! What? They are on the sign it is one minute past open , i am your first customer… I don’t understand. Oh never mind she says today is the first day for them i didn’t realise haha. Haha yeah i don’t laugh before caffeine sorry, and that is how i became probably the first person in central standard time zone to score me a pumpkin scone.


I realise some of you were probably thinking i was going to go on about the pumpkin spiced late available early this year, um no and here is why. When my youngest was little and i was in the throes of sleep deprivation i  made an unfortunate mistake.  She was a formula baby and i kept some premixed in the fridge , one night about an hour after her feeding  she spit up it smelled horrible…. Omg it smelled like pumpkin spice  coffee creamer and doom. I got her squared away and went to the kitchen you see i had been washing and reusing the coffee creamer bottles to shake and store the formula in they poured easy sealed well and were handy, that is untill you grab the wrong one and give your sweet angel a bottle of pumpkin spiced creamer as a midnight snack.  She did drink that bottle faster than any ever before however to this day i just can not do a pumpkin spiced late.

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