So anyway siri and my husband has a lot in common

imageSo yesterday as i was rushing around to get out the door at 3:10 in the afternoon i realized i was trying to pull my appearance up to the level most people wouldn’t awnser the door in. But it was an Eeyore type of grey gloomy day and i thought i should write this down. But because i was rushing out the door i thought i would let siri type it for me. This is what she wrote….. Hey you know how you’re fixing to go somewhere and all of a sudden you realize you’re still wearing the shirt you put on his pajamas the first thing this morning so they had to change her shirt and then you realized you never want to Brasilia Debron you hear what you’re comfortable Bronn you were in your sweatpants he really said anything and then realizing anything concerning. Because I don’t go with the sweatpants really don’t hang on for your big fat ass in the little voice.Is it like gas because it’s a Pansa make your ass with you.  Now i know i wander in my thoughts but damn that’s homeless screaming at pigeons crazy right there. I thought it was funny so when my husband got home i read it to him, he just looked at me like he was waiting for the punch line wtf really! Turns out siri and my husband listen with the same attentiveness he didn’t even notice a difference. Makes me wonder all those years of being told i must have forgot to tell him or i think that was a conversation in your head…….or maybe he was listening and just thought my crazy was showing.

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