There is a right way and a wrong way to hammer with a wrench.

imageFirst off any time i use any tools i try to do so when no one is watching, people are so damn judgey. When i left for college i received a plastic shoe box of common tools and paraphilia ( awesome gift i was quite sought after for my tools ) btw that was not sarcasm totally giving tools to college bound students. I grew up getting to play with tools while my father was working in the shop. So im not a stranger to the proper use of tools. But i don’t think its fair to pigeon  hole a tool based on its name feels like profiling to me. We have quite a few tools laying about and im the type of girl who can ignore something forever and then out of the blue it must be done now!   I am a creative impromptu type of person, i am also selectively lazy i may have the energy to fix that wonky shelf doesn’t mean i have the desire to go to the shop for the proper tool. When using tools in a non traditional way you must be selective if hammering with a wrench you must use the handle not the grippy wrenchie  part because if you do then the part you roll with your thumb to make it open and close pops out and rolls behind the toilet. And that is why im not allowed to use my husbands tools anymore,type a conformist that he is.

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