Get in my mouth hore ( hound)

imageIt’s amazing to me how the human memory works( or doesn’t as the case maybe) . I have always enjoyed experience ing things thru flavor and so have been known to say that tastes like childhood. From people who don’t know me i often get looks like i am perhaps the witch from Hansel and Gretel tasting actual children, not so. Sometimes your just walking along and you spot a product that brings back a memory those weird pink mint things that look like a huge tums, zouts, fruit stripes gum, ect. Coors light will always taste like college. So when i saw a package of horehound candy at the local Walmart i pounced on it saying omg its horehound candy! Out loud to no one ,yet everyone turned to look. ( sometimes  my internal monologue escapes out my mouth)   I think that’s why i enjoy baking its like a memory trigger, when my grandmothers passed away the one thing i asked for was their recipes. My children can now experience their cookies and puddings, breads and cakes. Food is universal, meaning something different to each one of us reminding us of memories or cementing new memories in our sub conscious.  I think i will stop by our local dairy dump and get me a lime aide im feeling nostalgic  for summers gone by.

One thought on “Get in my mouth hore ( hound)

  1. Awwww….Dairy Dump limeades. 🙂 Brings back memories of playing tennis and driving around in Niki’s tiny red convertible.

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