Good thing my feelings are like Teflon

imageGrowing up all of us children were taught the basics of cooking, in our teen years we each had a night to cook supper. So as a newly shacking up couple i felt i had this in the bag, i can cook no problem. However as with most things in my life the problem had less to do with my skills and more to do with focus. I have the attention span of a meth a dictated humming-bird. We had received for christmas that year the modern version of an electric skillet that we loved and i had used it almost every night( plus im pretty sure we didn’t have an actual skillet at the time ahhh the good ol days) . One night after supper i forgot to turn it off, and left the plastic spatula on it, when i found it just a tiny bit later i had a puddle of plastic with a handle sticking out of it. My first impulse was a string of sons of a monkie uncles , but then lightbulb  The pan was non-stick!  so i quietly  left the kitchen when it cooled it should pop right off yay! About  one round of hots shots golf later i went back and What the hell!  it was stuck like a tick, i was dumbfounded. In fact when i tried to pick up the spatula blob by the handle the  entire pan came off the counter with it. Now when given the option to admit wrongness i almost always lead with self-righteous anger , so i stomped into the living room held the pan in the air by its ” new handle” and shouted to my not yet husband ” NON STICK MY ASS”  and that is the quote that has followed me for 15 years.  So i guess it’s a good thing im not to easily offended me and my Teflon emotions, but i have heard Teflon may cause cancer so beware.

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