Hoarders a cautionary tale

imageId like to start by saying i understand that hoarding is a serious problem one im pretty sure i have a touch of. But this post is not realy about hoarding it starts with my husbands need to erase anything from the dvr that says its been played. So one night while he was mercilessly deleting  other people’s shows he came across one of my guilty habits the tv show hoarders, in general i dont watch reality t.v im not that fond of reality to start with. Now i will say my watching hoarders is more of a therapy thing for this stay at home mom, most of the time i wont make it thru a full episode before hopping up shouting not in my house and randomly throwing stuff away( those pants i know i will never hem, my husbands shirt i cant get the stain from, the stupid fast food toys that live in the couch cushions ect) and then i vacuum or dust and feel so much better for over coming my desire to use this peaceful kids at school time to drink coffee and read a paranormal romance. But some times i watch and then look around at the dog fur dust bunnies and  this mornings cereal bowls in the sink and think damn im practically Charles in charge around here and so i pull up an episode of the Big Bang  curl up and relax. So i guess the moral of the story is  don’t let my husband mess with the remote because he erased a whole season of Downton Abby and that sucks chicken butt.

One thought on “Hoarders a cautionary tale

  1. Ok first of all downtown Abby sucks but i didnt erase it. It was prob the kids. Secondly there is only so much room on the DVR so if you’ve seen it delete it. Its kind of like be kind rewind.

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