Weird things i do

They are doing some remodeling at work one of the things they did was brick over a large fan in the wall that lead outside sometimes giving a glimpse of the outside world. My first thought was ” oh no that was my emergency escape”. I guess it’s from growing up on Macgiver and to many episodes of burn notice in recent years but in my head i devise escape plans and emergency actions for crazy home alone type scenarios .   I guess while others are out defending our freedom or protecting i make plans with the heart of a lion and the spine of a jellyfish.  It makes me feel less like i will freeze in emergency and more like i will rise to the occasion.  Maybe it is common maybe im just a bit odd i really don’t know, you don’t often look at those around you and ask if they have a emergency plan involving fire extinguishers or zip ties . What would you do if a gunman came thru that door? It’s a scary world we live in i guess this is just one of my coping mechanisms. Maybe i just am missing the fresh air….


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