Oh hello


Its been a hard couple of weeks at work they have upped our hours back to ten and then this weekend we had to work saturday as well.  Going back to work has been a huge change for me and i constantly feel like the people i love are not getting the time and attention they need, so giving up weekend time is not something i willingly do.  We are a very small workforce so if everyone  is not pulling their weight  it shows.

So anyway on Fridays we get an hour for lunch an hour i decided  to use to run errands. Normally on my lunch i call my husband so i can see how his day is going and just to say hello. So on this particular friday i was one of those annoying cell phone people who yammer in public  on their phone  oblivious to those around them.  I was not so far gone however that i was going to stay on the phone while being helped by the cashier so i let him go and waited for my turn.

The lady in front of me turned around and said ” i think its one of those days we all should have stayed in bed”   I definitely should have i told her.  ” i heard you say that you had to get out of there before you punched her in the who ha “. Ooono busted at being  not very nice feeling chagrined and probably flushing at being  caught  i said oh sorry ( please cashier hurry) but she just shook her head smiled and said ” when i heard you say that i just had to say hello, i work with like twelve like that”  aaah kindred spirits can be found anywhere even in the walmart check out line on lunch break.

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