Falling down the rabbit hole of online addictions….

Ahh solitaire one of my first computer based addictions. Due to the statue of limitations I feel like I can admit that most of the time I was supposed to be learning computer based German I was indeed playing solitaire. As I have grown and the internet and offline and online gaming has expanded so has my ability to effectively entertain/ distract myself with its help. I know some people who are all ” well this is fun” they play for a bit get up and run a marathon or build a house or some shit. I am more like ” I find this mildly entertaining”   Becomes unable to put it down not for even a minute. It’s not even always a game, my progression thru online/gaming addiction followed this general path…

  • Oregon trail
  • tetris
  • image
  • Mario brothers
  • Zelda
  • dr Mario
  • e-mail
  • hot shots golf
  • face book
  • cafe world
  • mafia wars
  • clash of clans
  • pintrest ( to be honest this is still ongoing)
  • hearthstone
  • This blog

This is just the ” major ones”  there were times in my life my distractions were not electronics based. My children, Books, t.v. Shows, ” going out” aka bar hopping, poker parties ( the card game gutter minds.. Lol) looming scarves, it cycles but regardless what it is or how important it felt at the time with few exceptions at one point i look up from the figurative  sand i have had my head buried in and blink owlishly and go wow i sure did waste a lot of time on __________. I hop to and begin the type of productivity i wish i had always.  The brain needs an outlet however, it needs to be able to shut down sometimes, it needs some distraction from the worries the stress the trauma and drama of the modern world.  So i strive for balance in this as i do in all things and often fail miserably…. Now back to candy crush i am on lvl 168 whoo -hoo.

3 thoughts on “Falling down the rabbit hole of online addictions….

      • Well, I haven’t played those stuff at all, he he. My parents didn’t buy us playstations, etc. but that’s probably because we never asked for them anyway. I don’t even have the usual gadgets now. My office mates do, even people working on the streets do, so I am kind of left out. I’ll probably get a gadget eventually but it is not my priority right now.

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