When you think you know something..

When you think you know something whether it be something basic or something in-depth, i think it is natural to alot of us to file the info away as fact. Untill at some point that fact is challenged, maybe way down the road. For some of us it is difficult to accept that just because we believed something for so long it may not be true.  When we store these facts during childhood and then they get pulled out to be examined  as adults sometimes the ” facts ” are down right silly. For example for more years than is probably good to admit i thought this


Was this


Now as an adult its funny, but as a child it was obviously one and the same. I never asked because i thought i knew. I know question everything is a common attitude, and turning a blind eye is common as well. It’s the things you think you know that are a danger to you and others, it’s the belief that you understand, you have the awnser so you no longer seek the knowledge. Don’t stop learning, talk to the people you care about , read ,explore, experience, find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

2 thoughts on “When you think you know something..

  1. What a wonderful piece — and so true!
    And you know, I’m pretty sure I would have believed that that thing on the back of the penny was Mr. Rogers’ trolley if I that show had been around when I was a kid.

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