If your happy and you know it….

imageWhen we were just silly high school students one day my friends and i were trying to look on the bright side of things so we created the happy list. This list started out small and just a few of us contributing but then it started to grow people wanted to add things, things that made them smile, or laugh. The list grew to encompass a wide variety of individuals and interests( or as diverse as small town Kansas in the 90’s could get anyway). It seemed just by the act of stopping and thinking about what made them happy, it let them embrace the happy. So here is my modern take on the Happy List, gone is the college rule paper enter the blogosphere …. Things that make me happy.

  • My husbands sence of humor
  • the mini me way my kiddos do things
  • how my parents are always there for me
  • how my dogs tongue sticks out just a little when she sleeps then dries out and gets stuck
  • the first lime aid of summer
  • talking for hours with my sis about nothing

It can be little things like pants warm from the dryer on a cold day, or a good book, or huge things like weddings and babies or the day the cancer died.Please new friends and old share your happy things add new ones as you think of them this world needs some happy let’s make this list grow.

One thought on “If your happy and you know it….

  1. 1) Midnight Wal-mart trips w/ my sis ( remember those..lol)
    2) Watching B rated sci-fi flicks w/my hubby..lots of commentary
    3) watching my kiddos face light up when they do something exciting and can’t wait to tell everyone.

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