O.C.D yeah you know me…

imageI think its natural( at least it is for me anyway) to fixate on one thing compulsively. When i am reading a book i read till its done, when i find a new video game i play it nonstop, when i started blogging i post then watch my stats ( a lot its sad really) i get one thought im my head then feel the need to address it here is a small sample of weird but true …

  1. Missed a college class one day to go to walmart because all my hangers were different colors and sizes (and how was i going to get the spacing even if the hangers were all random)
  2. rearranged my sister in laws  kitchen cabinets ( i found cereal in two different places it was anarchy)while babysitting  sorry about that by the way.
  3. refolded Peoples towels while using the restroom ( there is only one way to do this properly the way my mama taught me)
  4. cleaned the sinks at public restrooms (really they looked like a splash pool water every where)
  5. straightened miss shelved books at barns and noble ( what kind of animal miss shelves books)

I can look at these actions and go hmm weird, but i would totally do them again( except maybe the kitchen cabinet thing it has been pointed out this May have crossed a line since i was never asked to sit at their house again)Why oh why can i not fixate on exercise….. By the way i learned how to make carbonara today super easy and sooo good.

Is this thing on…….


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