Twisted sisters and dodgeing alarm clocks

imageThere are few ties in life more diverse than that you have with your siblings. Now that im grown i have sisters  in law, brother-in-law, and all sorts of extended family that i love dearly. But tonight , tonight i want to talk about growing up as the little sister. My sister is just enough older than me for me to have been a constant painful hanger on-er for most of our early life. We fought oh my god how we fought, she told me stories i believed for years( still can’t eat a whopper, chocolate covered moth balls indeed!). In middle school i developed the habit of not doing homework till the middle of the night  so as not to cut into my play time after school. So i would diligently set my  alarm clock for midnightish and then sneak into the bathroom to complete my work, and no this was not allowed  but as established in an earlier post i was indeed an ass. Problem was i started to shut the alarm off with out really waking up, my already questionable grades could not afford this.  I started hiding the alarm around the room i shared with my sister, hiding it too well im afraid after several nights of this nonsense she had  enough! when the alarm went off  i could not find it so i flipped on the light ( yes at midnight) just in time to see the old-time heavy metal alarm clock flying at my head. When i got up from my prone position it was to see that i was indeed fine but the alarm clock lodged in the dry wall just a bit. Years later we both got our own rooms, but by then we were starting to become friends and nights would often find me in her room so we could chat like we used to. My sister was my first enemy and now my closest friend , go figure.

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