You say hermit like its a bad thing…

You know the difference between a crazy hermit and an eccentric recluse? About a million dollars that’s what.   Rich people support stray animals and they are do gooders, i do it and im crazy cat lady. Rich people peer at you thru the peep-hole and they are security minded, im over-anxious. Rich exclusive, me anti social. The list goes on and on so  i guess im just saying when i grow up id like tobe an eccentric. It’s all just labels any way . Speaking of labels i was discussing where our various sayings come from, like tit for tat( has nothing to do with boobies or tattoos btw) i love the internet letting me type in random move lines or song lines and spitting out the answers to the  ear worms and random thoughts i often foster. In any other era could i have typed in ” beautiful down town chug water”  and come up with the movie it was from . Nope! ain’t life grand? Any way back on point  if you have a problem with crazy hermits ( not the crab btw they are cute but not sure how i feel about them as pets  to be honest especially if they are crazy) how do you feel about eccentric imagerecluses?

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