NSA can you see🎶🎶



So i think of myself as a pretty boring non inflammatory person, the type that has no hidden agenda or nefarious  ideas. But sometimes you are online chatting or send a text that strikes you as ” oh that sounds bad” .   You know the one where you have had a bad day and say ”  wish that place would burn down before i have to clock in” or something to that effect. In the time of anyone could be listening i feel the need to give a little shout out to the fact i am indeed joking.  NSA  or the like i hope you don’t flag me as i would feel bad for anyone wading thru countless ” what do you want for dinner? I love you. Gtg ” type correspondence there may be an occasional pic to the hubby with to much cleavage but in the time of unlimited naughty available 24/7 on-line hardly a fair tradeoff.  On the up side i think the fear of being labeled a terrorist has sped up the demise of the phrase ” you’re the bomb” . So there is always an upside.  Can you hear me now..?  I think maybe to make it easier on the mighty ears in the cloud i will start my own little abbreviation  nnjj ( not nefarious just joking) so next time you see me say something i probably shouldnt like ” time to become that crazy hermit that lets no one near armed with a gun and certainty there is gold in them there hills” itll be ok because I’ll say nnjj like the social media equivalent of bless her heart or with all due respect. Maybe its just me being me….. Do any of you ever feel the need to clarify what is clearly questionable humor as indeed humor? Do you wonder who all sees that picture you sent, that comment you made, that txt to your sister?

2 thoughts on “NSA can you see🎶🎶

  1. I used to say “my husband will kill me” — but I never do anymore. Because he won’t and because should something nefarious happen to me I wouldn’t want him to be a suspect … Same withmy blog. I don’t write violent images (although I think them) because really I am a peaceful person and wouldn’t ever do nasty stuff like that, but …

    What a weird form of censorship!

    • To funny as i have seen a funny thing online that said every day write the name of your worst enemy somewhere on your body in marker so if you die they will be harrassed . Unfortunately for me i would have to write cheese as it is most likely the thing to be my undoing.

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