The flu is not the only thing thats contagious


” its hard for the rest of us to be happy when your miserable all the time…”  Ouch that’s a tough thing to hear.  Like a physical blow even though it was said with kindness.  Am i dragging the ones i love down into the dumps with me?  I thought and i stewed and really reflected and then i made a choice. I am going to be happy, not pretend to be happy and bury my feelings but truly embrace happy.  I think when you are depressed and or have a tendency to cycle into dark moods then at least for me if things are not perfect then they are horrible. Things are never perfect though, so then i was never happy.  Being in that mind-set is a vicious cycle that self propagates misery. One week ago i made a decision to be happy. Like any addict i had to hit that low point and really see what my behavior was doing to others.  I was addicted to my gloomy depressed feelings, i had to actively choose to set them aside. I am sure i will fall off the wagon time and time again, but i wake each morning knowing i have it pretty good and today i choose happy.  Things will go wrong , oooo can things go wrong. Those wrong things will not be better through a depressed view-point however so i will still try for happy. Its been better since i made this step, although it may seem simplistic to many of you ( and i know sometimes happy is just a big order to fill) it is worth a try.  So face the sun rise and embrace the happy. Best wishes.

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