Admit your wrong…

So for the new year i am trying full honesty And admitting my mistakes. It’s a bit intimidating.


In the past i have been less than honest ,and downright deceitful. These actions have hurt people and ruined good things. So 2015 is the year of truth. I started out by walking up to someone at work and apologising for a past behavior, ” i was petty and bitchy and i am sorry” it was remarkably well received and has resulted in a much more amicable work environment.  Letting the truth guide you is very freeing, nothing you have to remember you said, nothing to stew in guilt over.  It is not a perfect system, when i have to say ” i screened your call because i was tired and didn’t feel like answering”  …. Must not of heard it ring is simpler.but why? Why is a lie more easily spoken then the truth? I think the only time its more convenient is if you believe the person you are dealing with does not care enough to hear what you are saying when faced with the truth. So i guess it’s not just a simple matter of i will be honest. It is really more  ” i trust you enough to give you the truth, and hope that you care enough to hear it.”  What do you think? Do you trust others with your truth? Or do you shield yourself with a  falsehood?

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