Second verse same as the first

You know how you are cruising pintrest and you see a really inspirational quote and when you click on it brings you to a website that offers a free are you depressed quiz? So you think ” why not?” You take the quiz and then they tell you your score so you compare it to the chart that helpfully says you are clinically depressed? So then you end up yelling at the screen screw you pintrest you can’t judge me!  Yeah me either, also i think inspirational quotes are just a racket to make you feel worse about your total lack of ability of looking on the bright side of things.



Supposed to be cold as heck here this coming week,  cold as a witches titties they say although im not sure why. I have different versions of cold weather dress. They go like this.

  • Probably should have grabbed a jacket
  • probably should have put on real shoes and grabbed a coat
  • i don’t care what my hair looks like when i get there im putting on a hat
  • full on Elmer Fudd hat and down insulated parka so hard to drive this way but too cold to care.

Hope tomorrow is not going to be a Fudd day, monday is hard enough to face.

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