Wishing you a manic little christmas


It has been awhile since i posted, i would say that i have been busy and it would not be a lie. It would not be the whole truth however, i have been also been stewing. It’s that time of year again when i have christmas in my heart and manic panic in my brain.


I gorge on cheesy christmas specials and endless christmas songs. I bake and goodie make.


I purchase and wrap. I laugh and cry. I go into a flurry of activity and then crawl under the covers and don’t want ever get up again. Perhaps i set my expectations too high, im not talking gifts and monetary things. Perhaps my emotional expectations are too high. I feel this need to get my ” happy hopeful fix” before the dreary grey days of January. It builds and builds in my mind, and then i disappoint myself by not meeting some invisible goal in my mind of what i should have done for my children, my husband, my family…. despite all this i still love this time of year. I know i don’t often speak of my children here but when they were asked what they wanted for christmas the youngest said ” time with my family” and the oldest said ” christmas is about family” .  So from my family to yours have the most joyful of holidays. Aka hang in there it’s almost done wont we miss it when its gone.


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