When i sing out loud and proud someone may wreck the car


I love to sing and dance, but only when i am alone (mostly  when im alone my censor is a bit twitchy so i sometimes just do/say things that should be shared only with loved ones or perhaps a therapist/ vocal instructor) I have a lovely voice perfectly suited to the shower and my vehicle.i sing almost exclusively the choirs, and sometimes not even that. I have perfectly good hearing but tend to only get half the story. One year right before christmas i was traveling down the road in a mini van piloted by my  mother in law and accompanied by a friend and neighbor and five kids. When silent night came on i couldn’t help but sing along to this simple tune.  Unfortunately unbeknownst to me i had been singing it wrong for many years. It is not ” round young virgin” it is instead supposed to be ” round yon virgin” , we about died that day as it is apparently hard to drive when crying from laughing so hard. ( i still hold that she was indeed a round young virgin so it was an accurate mistake). Other song lyrics i heard wrong.

  • “balls and blood dust and mud”  sung loud and proud on the way home from a church lock-in when i was 14, however  the line from this Garth brooks song goes “bulls and blood dust and mud”
  • Beech ( the airplane )roller coaster   = beach ( as in sand near the ocean) roller coaster ,this is a current country song i don’t know who sings it but i must have heard it six times before i realized my mistake.

Also due to the fact i listen to the beat and chorus i often do not really  “get ” the message of the song .  To help you out “mellow yellow” is not referring to the soda pop, and the song which prompted this post ” all about that base” the song i have been jamming to the choirs for months at work is about butts and size NOT about the actual base of actual music. A bit embarrassing  to be honest, i don’t mind singing about plumpalishious beings but i would like to realise that’s what im doing.

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