All tapped out




Today at work we were given the opportunity to donate blood via a guilt inducting message at the time clock. I havent given blood since college, it is an easy relatively painless way to give to others so i signed up to donate. When it was time for my appointment i was pleasantly surprised i got to stay on the clock while donating ( i assumed i was going to be doing this while losing pay)  If you have never donated blood its an interesting process of questions and answers, in this case it was done in an impossibly small room about the size of an airplane bathroom. My interviewer was a perfectly pleasant man with an  endless quantity of burps. I am a bit closterphobic  so it was a bit of an issue. Im surprised they took my blood, by the time the interview was over i was twitching like a crack head in withdrawals.  The questions are personal and my answers were predictably boring. ” have you traveled to any of these foreign countries. Have you ever performed these acts? Tattoos or piercings in the last 6 mo.?” No, no, no, ….. ” taken a product containing aspirin in the last three days?” Wait YES! I took some excedrin yesterday ( living the wild life) Then i was passed down the line to some lovely cheerful blood drawling ladies .  I have experienced thru my life needles and poking and this was no big deal. Until i thought about it too hard, looking down at the little Baggie of blood thinking its kinda weird. Then thinking its kind of creepy. Then thinking LET ME OUT, let me out of this wagon of doom ahhhh they steal my life force. I held it together and was rewarded with cheese its .  Sometimes my lack of focus can be used to my advantage. All in all i would defiantly recommend giving blood it helps others and ya know cheese its .

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