I Feel like im being followed


When i started my blog i had no real agenda, i was coming off a particularly bad spot in my life and writing felt cathartic. writing my blog let me take random little parts of my life, examine them, enjoy them and then set them free.  This week however i had a chance to visit a blog that i follow and enjoy, a blog where this perfectly lovely writer expresses ( gasp) self-doubt.  This was an eye opener for me, you see when i set words to page i am takeing a piece of me and giving it to the world. This piece often is not pretty or polished, it’s often something i have poked at or worried over. Maybe its the emotional equivalent of that grizzel you leave on your plate after a cheep steak, or the funny guy down the street that talks to his plants and makes you smile.  But it’s all me and because it’s all me i want my words to be talked over or enjoyed or shared for a smile, i want to be worth noticing. I guess it surprised me to see my self-doubt mirrored in others.  So i check my stats, i write and share.  You see i write for me but when i feel like im being watched i enjoy it, must be the voyeuristic side of me.

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