What are you supposed to be?

I understand wanting to feel sexy, i get it i really do.  I enjoy showing off the cleavage sometimes,  putting on some heals, or even just slipping on that pair of jeans that fit just right. Celebrate your self!  Embrace your confidence!  When i feel good about me then i exude that and am generally more pleasant to be around. Sexy is a state of mind and it comes in many guises brains,  caring, empathy all of these things can be quite sexy.  We are now in the throes of the Halloween season the time of year it seems everyone ” lets their sexy out”  librarians , grocery store clerks, your old third grade teacher sexy/ naughty versions of everything. In a way its an interesting thing to see people break free from their mold and do their own thing, however is it your own thing when almost every costume looks like a hooker dressing up as something else?


The children’s costumes are the worst. In the tiny sizes its pretty safe, but by the time they are  nine or ten your fighting the battle of  how many ways can they sexualize female children.  So i guess i have no point, have fun, be safe embrace your inner whatever ( and if your inner whatever happens to be a hooker good for you your costume selection is vast) .

in rereading my post i see perhaps my inner whatever is coming off a bit grinchie. To be clear i love Halloween, i enjoy the pumpkins, the children, i even enjoy the hours spent chasing my children thru often dark and cold streets as they jet off for the next great untapped Bowl of candy.  As for me i think i will dress as a mom it works for most days, and i will leave the sexy for date night with my amazing husband.


2 thoughts on “What are you supposed to be?

  1. Being somewhere from across the globe, I just normally see American children wear Halloween costumes on TV and in movies. So when you mentioned about children getting sexualized, that was kind of news for me. Maybe they just make it more child-friendly on air and on-screen, which they should, BTW. it just makes me worried now about the children, now that you’ve mentioned it…

    • Please dont be alarmed i do not feel its a safty issue so much as a questionable message being sent to our girls as to what makes them valuable. I. E. Pretty, sexy, cute vs. smart or interesting.

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