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Back in the beginning ish part of August i celebrated a birthday, my driver’s license expired on my birthday. i discovered this  a week after the fact. Even though i have no vacation or leave of any kind acrewed i requested the following monday off. Unfortunatly it turns out the office doesn’t do licenses on monday. I have to ask off at least a week in advance so the next friday i take a half day only to get to the courthouse in my county and find they stop offering licenses at this location at 3:30, also unlike tags and taxes you can go to any location to get your licenses.  Weeks pass i know i need to get this taken care of,the longer i wait the bigger deal it becomes. I’m typically a stickler for the rules, now i am a bona fied criminal.  You know who passes you when you go the spread limit?  ( typically i go no more than four miles over anyway) EVERYONE  passes you, im pretty sure i got flipped off by one of the greatest generation on the way home one day.  Then i bite the bullet and ask off again. i don’t say why because i already asked off for my license twice. Hmmm if i use the truth it will sound like a lie i mean who has this much trouble renewing a license? On friday i do my hair, i do my make up,  i put on my big girl panties and walk out the door with the hubbies prediction of doom ringing in my ears ” you probably will have to take a test”.  I  decided to try  a different DMV place due to the fact i had already looked stupid twice to the one. I get predictably lost, consulted my new fancy phone, get more lost had to  stop at a police station get directions that require the word catty wompus and find it right away .  I’m nervous will i have to call to get a ride home? Surely if something goes awry they will contact the cops so as to arrest my non licensed butt before i drive away. I walked in reach for a ” take a number”  only to have the clerk call me up. What kind of parallel universe is this that has no line at the dmv? I tell him i need to renew my licenses and he’s all ” great!” I’m all you don’t understand i moved i didn’t change my address so then i am an idiot and didn’t realize it expired im so sorry ” please don’t make me parallel park!”   I practically scream at him.That was the mantra running thru my head you got his as long as you don’t have to parallel park.  He said the late fee would be huge , i understand i say its my fault lets just do this. In my photo i look a bit wrung out visions of hundreds of dollars in fines rolling thru my mind. Click, shuffle some papers, then a whopping fee of $23 im all right and tight with the law again. Yay!

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