Don’t underestimate the small stuff

I have been struggling as of late, just a general  malaise . This week has been particularly bad.  Today at lunch a florist truck pulled into my work parking lot it was flowers  and a box of chocolates for ME!

image image

Because he knew i needed a pick me up my husband sent me flowers.  I have always said flowers are a waste of money, but they made my day.  When i called to thank him he said he had been falling down on the job as far as romantic gestures go, but he was wrong so very wrong. You see yesterday he cooked me my favorite meal ( four months ago he didn’t cook at all)  he cooked it to make me happy, and when i ate too much and fell exhausted into bed at 9:30  with a stomach ache he brought me pepto bismal and tucked me in.  Learning to cook,  caring for me when I’m tired or ill those are the small things that mean so much, small things that add up to feeling loved.  My flowers are wonderful and made me smile all day cheered me up at yet another long day at work. But as far as romance goes I’ll take the little things that maybe are not very flashy  but matter so much.

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