Who are you? And what do you want?


I am a horrible judge of people,  horrible. I am gullible i WANT to believe people are good honest non dirt bags.  Part of it is probably from growing up in such a small town, a town where still to this day some don’t lock up due to their trust in those around them. Ironically one of the things that shook my foundation of trust happened in this same small trusting town, after we inherited this property and while we were still working on fixing it up we were robbed. Gone was my great grandmothers antique clock, camel back trunks full of yet undiscovered treasures, all of the tools we were using so much stuff that it had to have taken literally hours and at the very least a horse trailer to do.  No one saw or heard a thing.  I was angry, scared, and felt a sence of violation i never knew existed with this type of crime.  It has been years since this happened no one was ever caught, but still to this day my trust has not fully recovered.  Yet i find myself assuming the best of people ( unless they are on my property then… Well lets just say i might come across like crazy get off my property person). I trust too easy, believe what people say , after all what purpose is there to lie to me.  I guess i would rather live in a world that sometimes screws me over then look at the world and say screw you! Sometimes even i have a radar that says ooo scary, awhile back i was talking to my hubby about someone i had met that gave me the heebie geebies .  I felt bad that this person gave me the creeps and by the time  i had finished talking i had talked myself into thinking i needed to try harder after all i had no proof or concrete reason to feel this way. I should stop being so judgey and mean.  My husband listened to me all the way thru this meandering reasoning waited for me to stop talking and said in his plane spoken way ” screw that if he gives you the creeps steer clear, to many people these days ignore their instincts”.  I guess my point is trust your instincts, hope for good from those around you but don’t let hope blind you from the reality that some people suck. Happy Monday all

2 thoughts on “Who are you? And what do you want?

  1. I agree, trust your instincts. It’s not being judgmental, just being careful when safety might be at stake, especially the safety of your loved ones, your kids. It’s not like you are going to simply accuse someone. Just keep it cool but be alert and cautious. Do not be a snob or anything, but keep your wits with you.

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