How old am I ? No really I don’t remember…


I celebrated a birthday back in Aug. the big …. Thirty some years old. I actually had to stop and do the math the other day. I stopped counting at 21 had a brief hmmm at thirty and now if my age is the only thing in have to worry about then AWESOME! Actually this year I am heading into is looking pretty exciting and fun. Opening a new chapter in my life with my favorite character the hubby who has been diligently replacing  piece by piece things on our ” new” tractor as they break ( turns out being tractor people is a lot of work). Fall is here the nights are getting cooler and i am still working tens leaving me just a bit time and energy crunched for girly primping/ maintenance. Last week however my ego took a couple of hard hits, i don’t mind looking my age but no older thank you very much. ( it doesn’t help that when the hubby shaves he might still get carded to this day). At work i was mistaken for the sister of someone who literally has children  older than me. A few days later i was complaining about being too warm and one of the older ladies suggested maybe it was menopause….yeah thanks. Perhaps its time to spend a little time on me.

One thought on “How old am I ? No really I don’t remember…

  1. LOL!!! I stopped counting at 28 😉 Just last month, someone said she thought I was just 25 (hurray for my ego!), then another called me “bunso” (youngest) when I was buying something from her. I get that a lot because I tend to look younger than my age. THEN at times, I tend to look my age or even older because some people address me with terms that are sometimes not even age-appropriate for me (or maybe they are just saying that to show respect, but I dunno)…Oh, well, let’s just try to age gracefully 😉

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