Don’t go into the light

I do not particularly enjoy driving in the dark, mostly due to suicidal wildlife. Since i started my daily work commute i have unwillingly assisted in two possumcides, one raccoonicide, countless frog/toadicides and had a few near misses with turkey’s and deer.


The other reason i dislike driving in the dark is my complete inability to deal with he “brights” issue, you see this vehicle coming at you lights obscenely bright and you wonder ” is that his brights?” Ahh god im blinded here that has to be his brights,  but maybe the other vehicle is just taller than yours maybe those are not their brights at all ! Now i am sure you are asking why not just flash your brights and it will remind them to turn theirs off, two reasons

1. What if those are not brights and instead just new high efficient ” lows” then the person opposite will be all Fricking  idiot i don’t have my brights on.

2. I once flashed my brights at someone who then waited untill they were right up on me to turn on their brights effectively blinding me

Come to think of it i felt kinda like those poor tire bound critters.  So i drive along knowing these problems are small and silly and hoping to not ( literally) kill anything before my third cup of coffee.

2 thoughts on “Don’t go into the light

  1. Around where I live, people drive very expensive cars with “automatic” headlights. Which they mistakenly think “automatically” dim the headlights. They don’t. I stopped worrying about whether to flash my lights long ago. I try to do it before I will blind them, though. It drives me crazy!

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