Why wont it get thick?


I am not good at sharing the kitchen, never have been. Growing up my mom made sure all of us children ( including the boys) knew the basics of cooking.  I enjoy cooking and find baking relaxing , however i do not share the kitchen space well. The only exception to this is my children,  they are my little sou chefs. I actually have gotten better at sharing, after twenty years my husband and i can work together at getting the food on the table( although he does complain about always pulling toast duty or being shown the proper way to stir, men are so sensitive )  In high school i took a home ec class that really sparked my baking desire, so one night in December i asked my mom if i could make chocolate chip cookies  to bring to school as goodies.  I gathered the ingredients jumped right in, but no matter how much ” flour” i put in it would not thicken i added and added to no avail. It’s fine i know what im doing is a catch phrase/ famous last words of mine and so i kept adding long past reasonable. Even i had to admit it was time to ask mom, turns out she had bought a super big bag of powdered sugar for holiday goodie making and had to fill the canister that normally held the super big bag of flour.  I had made 12 cups of egg laced glaze ew.  Just one in a long list of  ,if in doubt ask mom.

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