So help me i will kill you and leave you dead in a ditch…

I have heard of being desensitized to violence, i am not one of those people. Growing up we were not allowed to watch violent t.v., even fake violence like wrestling.  I know there have been studies showing a link of  violent behavior to violent games/movies/music ect. These studies are always vocally denounced/ supported, I have done no studies.  I am no expert, what i do know is my personal experience ( unique to me and having no science to back it up). I have watched exactly one horror movie in my life, at a sleep over when i was probably about twelve we watched a movie called The Gate. It did not scar me for life, i did not feel the need to commit violence.  It was not my cup of tea, now as a grown woman i could probably watch it and giggle at the goofyness of it. To this day however i can not stomach gore and violence  and i wonder if it is due to lack of exposure.  I have to surely think that a constant barrage of violent images regardless the source ( entertainment based or sad reality) would eventually leave one  for a lack of better term subconsciously accepting.  While i do not feel that gives an excuse to act in a violent nature the lack of basic shock value when faced with violence surely must have some impact. That being said the inability to deal with/ process violence at all in the world we live in today quite frankly  a bit crippling at times. I have been angry, i have lost my temper, and spoke violent thoughts ( such as the title of this piece,nothing makes you madder than when you are so bad at being tough and mean everyone bursts out laughing).But i just don’t understand the thinking to put your fists and bodies into the action to cause others harm. Of course there are always exceptions of defending you and yours, i am quite sure no mater how passive i am there are lines that must not be crossed and my family’s safety and well-being is one of them. Maybe i am looking at this in the wrong way maybe every one simply has a line that must not be crossed, maybe my line is just in a different place than others who choose to solve issues with violence. Very few people i feel walk about in a violent rage committing horrible crimes all the time. The guy who will shoot some one over sneakers probably wakes up some mornings happy the coco puffs box is not empty.  I guess i am not sure where i am going with this, a kind of free association trip into why road kill makes me sad and i hate gangster movies, yet others can beat and pillage  with no apparent guilt. As a final though the girl i had that sleep over with, i believe watched horror movies on a more than one occasion (she has her own blog and is a well-adjusted kind and caring person).There is no point just saying… I guess this Ferguson. Mo thing has violence on my mind i just don’t understand. I am not political, i am no activist, i stay in my little corner of our world and just try not to make anything worse.  However the day that burning things and looting shows anything beyond ignorance i will eat my hat, because ” look at the t.v. I stole in honor of  greater rights for all ”  is just B.S.

2 thoughts on “So help me i will kill you and leave you dead in a ditch…

  1. Wow I cant even watch anything on the four major networks because they are not violent enough thus making them less believable to me. I appreciate your position and I am blown away you have seen only 1 horror flick. I think the title for this story is awesome, in the light of its content.

    • Well thanks for stopping by, yeah about the title some of us just can’t carry off violently angry lol what I didn’t put in the story is when I got that angry even though I’m hillbilly born n raised that phrase came out all British accent.

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