It was suposed to be funny…


I am sure it is not a surprise to any of you that frequent my blog i have  absolutely no ” writing process”. I sit down with a vague idea of something i might want to say and start typing. Its more of  an a.d.d. Mr. Toads wild ride sort of experience. But the one thing i have learned is my humor is apparently mean.  If i am trying for normal my husband ( and fully honest reviewer) says that im weird/funny. If i write a post that has  me giggling to myself ( keep in mind i am easily amused) he says things like ” that’s just harsh” or ” your mom is going to call you” or sometimes ” your Facebook friend list should become much easier to manage soon” .  I just write what I Am feeling right that moment, my blog is the portion of my brain  that slips its leash sometimes.  I have been thinking a lot about acceptance  lately  but that is a post for another day….i was often told i ” had my fathers sence of humor”  which never seemed like a compliment.  I write then i worry, i don’t think of myself as so important that i have power over how people feel. I do know however a compliment is often taken with a grain of salt and an insult or slight is fostered at the bosom of self-doubt and insecurities.  So if what you read offends i apologise, but do not recant. By not writing what i feel i am  being dishonest and i just don’t want to do that anymore. There are many lovely blogs that i have read and enjoyed several lovely blogs that were nicely layed out and having many views, and had moments of blog envy.  Mine was suddenly not good enough, but the moment passed and i realized by some standards my little blog was truly not up to snuff, but every once in a while i might make some one smile or laugh ( even if it is me) so i will just keep plugging away and try to not be too mean.

4 thoughts on “It was suposed to be funny…

  1. Not everybody is gonna get your jokes every time. In person or in writing (although it is harder to be funny in writing, I think).

    They’ll get over it. Unless they’re related!

  2. You can’t please everybody. If you don’t mean anything bad, then go write. It is important to still choose your words sometimes, that’s a reality, but self-censorship should have a limit. What is the point of sharing an opinion when you can’t say anything negative?

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