Becomeing tractor people

We bought a tractor yesterday, it is a farmall A.


I have never owed a tractor before, never even driven one in spite my rural upbringing.  When i sent a picture to my sister she said ” what are you going to do with a tractor!?”  To which i promptly replied ” tractor shit”.We inherited 13 acres of land with a house on it four years ago,  a family property that had fallen in disrepair. The house and the immediate area around it was our first priority, all the work ( with the exception of the septic tank) we are doing ourselves . It is a long and slow process accomplished as time and finances allow. We are not done, and to be honest as the case is with a 100 yr old house i am not sure there is a ” done”.  But the time has come to start working toward our long-term dream  of turning our  field  into  an orchard, apples, pears, peaches, berry bushes.  A place families can bring their children and experience truly fresh fruit and see where it comes from. A place my little family can work hard for and see the value of the effort in time spent together and food in the pantry, ( and goddess willing money in the bank at some point) . The field in question is horribly overgrown, full of saplings and tall grasses and lord knows what.


We have till fall to  get it cleared so we can get the first wave of trees in, and get the well drilled hopefully.  Its going to be a learning process, this may be  the family farm but no one who has lived here in the past three generations have been farmers. So now we have a little green house, flowers started in three different soil mixtures ( and an honest to god spread sheet to track everything because you can take the man out of the office… ), a tractor, and a wing and a prayer so to speak.  Its exciting and scary, and something i have not discussed much with people because part of me worries about it being a crazy dream.. But screw that great things happen when people dream ( and then back those dreams up with a little elbow grease).  I will keep you posted on our progress and missteps along the way, now i got some farming type stuff to do …

One thought on “Becomeing tractor people

  1. It’s a really good endeavor and that that may very well be beneficial to you and your family in the long run. Good luck!!!
    “We are not done, and to be honest as the case is with a 100 yr old house i am not sure there is a ‘done’.” Our house is nowhere near a hundred years but it recently got affected by a typhoon that fixing stuff there is…well, I believe I also have to say “I am not sure there is a ‘done’.” LOL!!!!

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