🎶 sometimes in our lives…

No matter your age you have certain decades that  mark/scar/impact you for the rest of your life.  For me those were the 80’s and 90’s  i don’t feel like i am stuck in those decades i have moved on long ago. Recently however i discovered a music app that lets you listen to basically anything you want for free. I started a custom play list and found i am not as far removed from that side ponytail wearing chick as one might have hoped.


And if one were to be completely honest i still like the docs and own ( just one) plaid flannel shirt i might occasionally wear tied around my waist. I did not realise how bad it was untill my hubby pointed out my work expectations were based on no longer relevant sitcoms.. And asked for a percentage of how often i look around and find my self  baffled by the lack of acid wash and leg warmers. Pinned me down for a number 49.4 while not shocked by the passage of time i do sometimes yearn for the simpler times of getting my bangs high enough and having the peace sign earrings that matched my day glow bangles.  Much the same as the older generations might wish to slip into some bell bottoms. This is all probably a symptom of my avoidance tendencies im sure a doctor would say, but the last doctor i trusted was doogie howser so we will never know…

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