Warm and tinglie down there feeling


Thats right the case of liar liar pants on fire.  I think of myself as a basically good ( ish) person with a tendency towards honesty but because i don’t want to make waves or hurt feelings or sometimes just out of laziness i lie. When the grocery store clerk asks how you’re doing nine out of ten times they don’t care, and you lie ” just fine” ( internally you are depressed or hot stressed or hungry)the question its self in this case i consider a type of lie. People lie with out even trying to … ” i understand” they say when you know they can’t possibly. How does this shirt/pants/ hair cut look? Great! Because to say otherwise would be hurtful . Lie lie lie. Hear a bad joke or story? The laugh is a lie. Are these lies inherently bad when told from a good place? Is the truth always the best awnser, can you look at the hardware store guy and say well honestly im tired and i don’t really want your help please just let me be i have had enough of people. And when the people you work with ask why so cranky can you instead of saying my blood sugar must be off say instead i feel the reason we are working on saturday is because you spend too much time flirting and not enough working and it makes me angry.  If im being honest i come off bitchy, does that mean that were i being true to my self i would have to acknowledge that i am actually a bitch. Honestly im not sure….

3 thoughts on “Warm and tinglie down there feeling

  1. I love to answer those questions in an unexpected way. I have limited sources of amusement, so I take it where I can get it.
    like, at the grocery store: you find everything ok? I answer, no. Where’s the hard liquor? Knowing full well I live in a dry county. At check out when they ask for you phone number (why do retailers do this?) I tell them 867-5309. They don’t get it, ever, because the clerk is like 10 years old but I laugh.
    And I hate going to the hardware store! Why do men freak out when a woman is walking ‘unescorted’ in a freaking hardware store??
    Men tell the truth and they’re considered awesome and honest and get admired for it. Women do it and we’re bitches. Being a bitch doesn’t bother me a bit…

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