My first twelve hour day…

Cupcakes are not structurally designed for a twelve-hour work day… So tired, so sore. But tomorrow is a new day perhaps i will get used to it. Hats off to you working people, i have gotten too soft.  I think its easy as a stay at home mom to lose touch with the realities of the working stiff.  Not to belittle the stay at home mom, i room momed , i volunteered, we did activities , picnics, plus home and yard care ect. Mom or dad is a tough job no doubt.  It’s not all coco and kisses sometimes its stomach flu and a vomit waterfall coming down the wood stairs.  But working away from home is a different type of experience. So bear with me as i catch my stride, the posts may be whiny or short but then I’ll be back on track and they will be  rude funny or  bitchy. Stay tuned.

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