Hi ho hi oh off to work i go

So turns out i am ever so slightly  employable, and monday i start my new job. I am grateful that i am getting the chance, however its been a long time since i have worked outside of my home and i am anxious. I dealt with some of this anxiety in the age-old fashion of shopping, three shirts some socks, perfume, and a new pair of shoes later i felt better for all of an hour, so fleeting (but not this kind that would be worse)


Perhaps a look back at some old work memories will help. My hand writing is even worse than my spelling ability, yet people still ask me to make signs. When i was working in a hobby store in the mall i needed to write a sign to let people know to ask for help with the display case. Knowing how bad my hand writing is i worked to fancify it up… A few hours later a guy walks up to the register and asks for the jerk behind the counter. Im sorry what! Yeah i need help, it said ask for the jerk behind counter.


When i was working in a grocery store i was told to “get a sign on that display!” By now i knew my sign making ability was crap, but one does what ones told. I rocked that sign for All laundry detergent, untill a friend pulled me aside and says ” why did you just tag that display with a sign that says ASS” hmmm perhaps i did curve the ll’s a bit much.


I have many other skills thank you very much just because i cant make signs shouldnt mean anything….. Except my new job is making signs. I will keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Hi ho hi oh off to work i go

  1. When I was offered my first job after 9 years at home with my son, I panicked. As in get me the Xanax panic. I knew I couldn’t possibly do anything right. Computers had changed. There were email ATTACHMENTS. I was terrified. The prospective boss asked me what I do when I get yelled at during my interview It was a fabulous job and the foundation for a great career. So panicking is good, I guess is my moral.

    You just followed my blog bad I’ve enjoyed rummaging around here. I need to follow to figure out if you are surviving.

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