Shout out to the ladies ( and the enlightened gentlemen)


WARNING this is a shark week type post


Ok I have this bad habit of thinking im more right about things then other people ( I know shocking right!) Untill I was in my thirties I believed p.m.s. was bull made up ( I apologize now  so very sorry)by the same type of women that say things like ” I can’t change a tire!” And  ” that’s a mans job.”  ( by the way around here we have things that are my mans job, dead animals, June bugs, and  the table saw but that is not because im a woman it’s because dead things make me sad, June bugs are creepy and NO ONE who knows me would trust my clutzy  ass with a table saw. ) but i digress p.m.s. Now it is much debated around here whither or not I have always had this I say it didn’t start effecting me untill after the birth of our oldest daughter, my husband says I have always had it. This week of not caring about dog hair dust bunnies rolling like tumble weeds across the floor, of not noticing the tooth paste splattered mirror. I don’t feel depressed so much as generally apathetic and really truly tri-polar watching from the outside all ( this chick is two pounds of crazy in a one and a half pound bag!) Then one day I wake up and its like coming out of a fog , what the hell happened here! This place is a disaster , when was the last time we dusted the top of the door frames! When! How can we live like this  like animals with the cups in the cupboard all  hoggolie poggolie handles facing different directions!  Then for the rest of the time im ” normalish” somewhere in-between.  Not sure why I decided this would be a post anyone want to read , maybe its a sign I shouldn’t start writing till the coffee kicks in. Or maybe its just a nod of encouragement to any of you who need to hear .. Your not crazy ( or at least you’re not alone in your crazy.)

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