Why i have a small pile of dead Mosquitos


It has been a wet year here in Kansas, we seem to go through phases of drought some years and floods other times. I have much respect for the farmers i see battling the elements to put food on our tables. Although hereditarily i should have a green thumb i kill all plants left in my care. Perhaps if i lived in a world where my family only got to eat what i could grow i would be a better at gardening ( or we would starve to death hard to say really). Right now in our neck of  the woods the thing being battled whole heartedly is mosquitos. Blood sucking asshats every last ( female) one of them. The weather has been actually pretty nice this year temperature wise, unfortunately  we have spent it prisoners of the plague of vampireitic beats. They will swarm you to the point of when we leave the door we do it like we are swat teaming a house . Go! Go! Go! Don’t stop, straight to the car! When i say please run this out to the trash can i literally mean run. Only with a liberal dose of deet spray can you spend time outside, and not the family friendly 7% deet i learned that the hard way. Sitting on our ” screened” in porch ( it has a doggy door that is 3×3 foot so a lot sneaks on thru that opening)  i was wearing family friendly bug spray and was smacking those little devils left and right. I guess the frustration got to me, when my hubby came out and saw a little pile of maimed mosquito carcases on a paper on the patio table he said  “well that’s just messed up”. To which i responded ” i know right sooo many Mosquitos, those are a warning to the others” turns out we had a different idea of what was indeed messed up.

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