On gun control, womens rights, religion and politics aka why Facebook why!?

Growing up i very clearly remember adults saying ” you should never discuss religion or politics with friends.”     Now as a grown up i have something to say about that, i think amongst TRUE friends you could have a thought-provoking debate about anything and still remain friends as long as you are not one of those always right stubborn types ( i totally am one of those types however so be warned). That being said i never realised how  very eclectic a group of people i have gathered on my Facebook, oh my god its like a three-ring circus. I feel the need to say please don’t stand so close those views might be contagious.  I understand that people’s views differ from mine, but i find it so tiresome to be buried under a constant barrage of extremist propaganda. Click here, like this , forward, email, go to this page express your self by doing what your told! And if you don’t the devil wins, the children suffer, and people will smoke pot while all babies will be killed in womb by gun-toting  people who hate and or love same-sex marriage and carry a fire arm in a store! I can ignore, delete, and even sometimes understand where people are coming from.  But it seems social media reads like a spam folder any more, i will keep looking however because sometimes i get to see a sweet photo of a loved one, or get to walk down memory lane when i see friends from a time gone by post about their actual lives. It leads me to wanting to rewrite that oh popular saying.



Please feel free to say it before reading any thing i write as well.

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