Being mom


You may have noticed i don’t mention my children by name or speak of them very often at all, this is not because  i don’t have stories or am not proud/ horrified by things they do( because i totally am). I just feel their on-line presence belongs to them. Any more online  reputation is the equivalent of a credit score its impossible to erase and hard to get back once it’s screwed up.  But i do want to take this time to discuss  ” being mom” , being mom  at least for me was like someone handing you a costume and saying  you are no longer who you were you will play the part of MOM. As mom you lose your name even your spouse starts to refer to you as mom, ask your mom, where’s mom? Its to the point if i hear my actual name it sounds weird to my ears.  I love love love being mom,it is truly the best job i could ever ask for. But now my youngest is in school  ( has been for a year now ) its time for me to branch out and be an actual entity of my own not” you must be mom…?”  Its exciting , scary and a little sad. I went to my first interview in ten years today, i would not exactly say i nailed it, but i was honest so at least im integrating with integrity.  And never fear the minute one of my little angels thinks her self grown up enough to post something they shouldn’t on-line during their teen years i plan on flooding the internet with all the silly embarrassing things they have done. Untill then we will have to make do with the silly embarrassing things i do.

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